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Family Law

Three Generations

 Child support, child custody,  involvement with DCF grandparent visitation, and  guardianships are some of the most difficult legal matters to handle for clients and for attorneys. To me, they are also the most important matters that need to be handled. Legal experience and compassion are paramount traits to have. I approach all family matters with the premise of the best interest of the child. I ask clients to envision their longterm goals and how we can best handle the future of their family.

Child Welfare 

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

I am a Children and Family Law trial panel certified attorney handling care and protection cases in the Juvenile Court, where DCF has removed a child from the home.


If the Department of Children and Families is involved with your family, don't wait for them to take legal action against your family. Call me today! 



I am a trained family law mediator, with specific training in Divorce Mediation and child welfare Permanency Mediation. I offer my services in family law matters including, child custody, child support, guardianship, divorces and adoptions. Mediation is a cost-effective way for parties to make decisions and agreements together, rather than going through the tedious, expensive and time consuming court system. Please contact me if you have further questions involving the mediation process. 

Family and Juvenile Law
Estate, Truts, and Wills

Alcohol and Cannabis Licensing

Alcohol and Marijuana Licensing
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